2 1/2 hr on the bike with theological drivel….

Today I am prepared. I have my gel (Carb-boom Apple Cinnamom). Two bottles of water and one bottle of gatorade. I rented Kingdom of Heaven. As my friend call the movie “theological drivel”, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The story is very weak with Christianity themes. Which is ironic b/c that’s what the crusade was all about.

The ride was better than last Saturday. Proper nutrition and hydration is everything. Heart Rate, I kept it low. Highest I went was 145. It averaged around 130s. I have been spending a lot of time on my drops. No back pain. Lucky me. I am going to get the bike fitted once I get my aero bar.

Since Kewl tagged me, I have to think of five strange things about me:

1. In University, I once wrote an exam with a crayon. It was a SQL exam and the answers are one long statement. Me and my friend decided to write it with a crayon. It was fun and I got an A.

2. I tend to drool the most when I am commuting. Enough said 🙂

3. Back in university days when I started working out, my friend notice my left chest is bigger than my right. Till this day, my left boob is still bigger.

4. I naturally have grey hair. This is from my mother’s side. I get tease a lot when I was little. I don’t mind now. Besides, I look more mature this way :).

5. Like Kewl, I am introvert at heart as well. There only a handful of people that I am realy close to. And with these people I am very sarcastic. In fact, I am down right nasty. Me and my friend, Len use to made fun of each other a lot. I mean, we still do.

That’s that. I guess I should tag someone. I tag Jessica and Jen.

Have a great weekend everyone. I have follow CMS‘s no limit training till end of Feb.

I am now entering Base 1. It looks good. Body and mind are roaring to go.


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