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First week – 5th day trainingLong RunDistance: 15 kmTime: 1 hr 30 min (90 min)Intensity: LightTime: 10 am
Muscles above both knees are stiff. Thought I had blister on m left toes. Good morning. Slept 9 hr before. That helped.

First week – 4th day training
Distance: 7 km
Time: 45-55 min
Intensity: Light
Time: 7:30 pm
Left knee some pain at the end of the jog.

Read this poem from someone doing his first tri….. There are people who always wear the same clothes,Those who carry lucky charmsThose who make promises all the timeThose who believe in superstition.And there are those who keep running despite their painThose who keep going despite their lack of airThose who keep fighting when everything seems to be lostLike if every time would be the last...

First week – 3rd day training
Distance: 6.5 km
Time: 30-40 min
Intensity: Medium
Time: 6:30 pm
Both legs getting tense up. Right leg above knee and left calves. Right now is 10:30 pm and both legs are a bit sore.

First week – 2nd day trainingRunDistance: 13 kmTime: 1 hr 40 minIntensity: Low to medium
Walked 500 m (around 7 km mark). Stopped during red traffic lights.Tiring. Legs, muscle above knee are feeling heavy.

First day Marathon Training
BikeDistance – 37 kmTime – 1 hr 40 min (100 min)Intensity – Light to mediumTime – 7:40 pmAvg Speed – 22 kph
First day trianing. More like relaxing. Very enjoyable ride. Ride around Mississauga. Above right knee a bit stiff. Pedal not as hard.

The five minute before the beginning…the birth of a triathlete Even though my triathlon was two weeks ago, the few minutes before the race were still crystal clear in my head. I want to see if I can put it into writing… …The transition area was a non paved parking lot. As I walked toward the beach I have to be careful not to step on stones. I was joking with Len and Anners later...

I am going to use this blogger to write down my training experience. I hope that I can share with all my friends and others the pain, the struggle, the glory…. A lot of ppl consider me as crazy. Frankly, sometimes i feel that about myself as well. I have decided to go for an Ironman two years from now (Summer of 2007). On July 17th, 2005 (just a week ago), I did a triathlon. The Friday...

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