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Cause you know, when it is on youtube, it must be real..
Pick this up from Simon Whitfield’s blog. I guess I ain’t a triathlete. I never drink red bull, puked or pee on the bike (Added: not yet) before.

Looking backward and moving fowardToday I did not want to run. The wind was just hounding out there. After work, I sat in the house. Nice and comfy. I thought for a moment. Might as well go for a run. I plan to run 30 min. Get it out and get it done. If it was slushy yesterday, today it was icy. The weather dropped and I had to jump around the sidewalk to make sure I don’t slip on ice...

Change… Just to give a quick blurb. This weekend the weather didn’t let up. Yesterday I went hiking with another friend. We did 8 km in about an hour and 30 min. It was a bit chilly. I shared with my friend how I would spent hours on my bike. He asked me, ‘wouldn’t that be lonely’. Looking back, it is the solitude that I enjoyed. Just being in the outdoor. No...

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