2012, a new year


Going to do a quick blog post before I go to OMF morning prayer. 

There’s a general feeling of reminisce at the end of a year. 
What was I doing at the beginning of the year?
What happened?
What’s going on now?
What did I miss?
What were the most memorable moments?
As often, looking back one year it feels like time went back really quickly and at the same time a lot of things had happened.
I am now part of Overseas Missionary Fellowship.  Serving as an Associate in the International Headquarters in Singapore (a missionary).
My liver markers were off the chart and for a while I thought I was dying.
I am now in a relationship.
I am also quite out of shape.  As in. I have a gut.  It’s amazing how in a mere two years of inactivity, I lost a large amount of fitness.  Perhaps I should rename this blog as Christian Non-athlete.  
Though, a new year comes new goals, hopes and dreams.
Here’s a few items which I want to focus on for this year and this season of my life….
i) To be a deeper Christian and not a broader Christian.  To dig deep in knowing God.  To be fervent in prayer.  
ii) To not stoop in the guilt of being out of shape (how could I done this) but rather live an active and healthy lifestyle.
iii) To once again dream on missions.  The freedom to choose to be Christ to those around me in whatever circumstances I am in.
iv) To freely let go and surrender all that I have, own and value.  
v) Focus on family.
I can foresee there are many changes in 2012.  There are many uncertainty as well.  Where will I go after OMF? This is a two year term.  Will I stay? Where will I be living? In Singapore? In Canada? 
Those questions are important questions indeed.  Though the utmost important question is where is He leading me? (And, of course, am I willing to follow Him?)

Here it goes…if 2011 is a sign of following Christ with all its ups and downs…2012 will be just like that…if not more so :O)

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” At once they left their nets and followed him.

Matthew 4:19-20
By Cliff

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