And the doc said..

I got Acromioclavicular Separation (Level 1). This is a common injury in hockey players. The doc say there is nothing I can do except rest and let it heal. He mentioned it will take 3 weeks or so to heal. That’s cutting close to July 22nd (Ironman USA). We shall see how this goes.. 🙂

Here is what i am doing for recovery:

– start taking glucosamine. I figure this is good for joints, it won’t hurt in taking some.
– seeing a specialist that in back and joint pains. Tomorrow will be my second session. He massaged over the shoulder. It hurts but at the same time, I have more movement. The specialist has both knowledge in eastern and western medication
– taking it easy. I haven’t train for a few days. Even running bring some aches to the joint.

I gotta go…i have to prepare for fellowship and work…take it easy 🙂


  • Cliff!!!! That sucks, man. I am sorry to hear… but at lest you have it identified and can now take what steps you need to heal. Enjoy your rest days.

    ***thoughts to you***

  • Thanks for the update!

    Well, at first blush:

    1. You know what it is

    2. Level 1 is better that level or grade 3

    3. I really think a specialist that practices and is conversant in both western AND eastern medicine is a HUGE PLUS. Very good.

    Please keep us updated on your treatment and what they say about your “return to play”, i.e., your big dance in about three weeks.

  • Whatever it means exactly, a grade I injury sounds manageable. You will be ok for the IM I hope? It may well be a blessing in disguise, making sure you’re well rested for the race.

  • Ugh, Cliff I am sorry about the injury. Give it time to rest and heal. Sending good vibes, prayers and karma for a speedy recovery.

  • Cliff! That is a bummer indeed! But I hope you can see it as strict orders to rest . You will not lose any fitness by taking off three weeks. You have my word on that – I do it all the time.

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