I am injured. Not severely. While riding on Sat, my left knee was acting up. Yesterday it was sore. It is more of a dull pain in the joint. I suspect it has to do with riding too low cadence on hills. Joe Friel did mention don’t go below 60 rpm or you risk damaging your knees.

Been dipping in the hot tub and doing a lot of massages. Today it is a bit better. I figure I take this week as a recovery week.

I have Muskoka Long Course Triathlon this Sun. I should be fine by then. I can’t believe after next week, I will be in taper mode.

Last Sat, the plan was to get up early and swim with Darren before riding. My body was tired so I got up late and did my own thing. Sorry Darren..I hope the swim went well.

On Sat, I rode for 6 hours. And it felt really good.
It felt so good in fact that I barely remember the time gone by.

The number of hours cannot express the experience I had on that ride.
It was lovely. The sky was clear. The road was empty. I was by myself. Trees shadowed me as I ride through rolling hills. Birds chirped as I climbed Hockley valley. I stopped at my regular water stops. I recognized the cashiers and they recognized me. We greeted each other and I was on my way.

The ride was calm and relaxing. I wasn’t worry about the climbs or whether my body could handle the training. I enjoyed the surrounding. I became a part of it.

Earlier this season I did feel insecure about riding long. I forgot how nice it was to ride for the sake of riding. I was concerned where am I going to find the mental and emotion energy to go long after a week of training when going long is the source of my energy.

I am reading the book, Raising the Bar. It is about the owner, Gary Erickson, who started Clif Bar. I started reading last night and already went through 100 pages. There is so much I can connect with Gary Erickson. There is a lot more that I admire.

His humility (living in a garage in the age of 30s, living within his means) and his passion (ride across Europe, rock climbing, build a company with integrity and values) reminded me the need to live the life that I want to live, not the life that I have to live. I discovered that while on my bike. With no need to worry about finance or career or cars or house. Just ride and more important, be myself.


By Cliff

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