Believe, attitude and process…

Simon Whitfield shared about his expereince leading up to winning his gold medal in 2000 Olmypic.

This is interesting considering that I spent the majority of my time thinking I need to run sub 4 marathon, I need to place top XXX in my AG. In reality, to get there is not to get wrap up in the outcome. Focus on the love of the enviornment, let it flow and have a great attitude.

An analogy I can think of it’s like flying to the sun (not sure why someone want to do it). We have to see where we are going. However, stare too long and we will go blind and deviate off course.

Basically…go out and play like a kid. =)

I love atheletes like Simon with a great personality. Our culture needs more role model like him…


  • Hmmm … I go back and forth on this. I think it’s a great thing to put a goal out there that makes you push harder than you think you’re able, or harder than you want to on any particular day. But you don’t want to become a slave to that, either.

    I’d be foolish to question Simon’s philosophy, though. Obviously it works well for him.

  • I LUV Simon. I think my 4 years in UBC has made me a lil bit Canadian. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing that. Too often we forget that what’s important is the process and the outcome is just the reward at the end of a long string of the priviledge to be able to train.

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