Bin Laden and Loving Your Enemies


Last night, the announcement that Bin Laden is dead. This morning, I watched BBC as they covered how he was killed, those that were involved, eye witnesses and those that are celebrating.

I was browsing online and found a post about Loving Your Enemies in response to the recent news to Bin Laden:

The announcement hit last night that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in a firefight in Pakistan. The news reports on this cycle between commentators, stock Bin Laden footage, and Americans celebrating. While celebrating may feel like the right thing to do, as Christians we should consider how we relate to the death of evildoers. 


  • Wow, I am so glad to see a post like this. In a time like this when it is so easy to be happy for the death of one who has been labeled the face of evil. We as God's children must remember what Jesus said and Love our Enemies. Keep up the Good work and God Bless.

By Cliff

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