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How to check and disable email forward for Yahoo account


I am writing this simple guide because one of my friends’ Yahoo account might be hacked and forwarding emails without him being aware. This guide will show you how to access the email forward settings in your Yahoo mail account. Log into Click here to log onto your Yahoo email account. In the top right corner, click on the gear icon. Then click on Settings. Select Accounts (on the left...

How much data does Skype video use?


For those of us who are constraint with limited bandwidth, you will realize that video takes up a lot of bandwidth.  I’ve been doing tests on various video websites (youtube, Vimeo, BBC and CNN).  I also measure Skype video as well since most of us (especially those living aboard) Skype is a great tool to connect with our friends and family. I use NetLimiter to measure how much data Skype...

How much data BBC and CNN videos use?


After testing how much data Youtube and Vimeo video use, I tested BBC and CNN videos as well. If your data plan is limited, like me, you will want to know how much data videos are using (since they consume the most data) so you have an idea of how much you can watch a month without paying extra. Like the test for Youtube and Vimeo video, I use NetLimiter to measure data use in BBC and CNN video...

How much data Vimeo use?


A while ago I tested how much data Youtube use.  I also tested how much data Vimeo videos use as well. Once again, I use NetLimiter to measure my test.  Again I use a one minute video to test. The Vimeo video I used is One Minute Wonder – Kiah Victoria Wonders on Vimeo. Unlike Youtube, which has various quality settings, Vimeo only has two: Normal and HQ. Here are the results: Vimeo Video...

How much data Youtube video use?


[adinserter block=”1″] In Uganda, there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth (there is but you have to pay a lot!).   In the first few months I was very conscious of how much data we use.   The strict rule in the house is no Youtube video because it uses up a lot of data. I’ve been trying to figure out how much data a Youtube video consumes on average. The complication comes...

How to extend your laptop’s battery life


If you have a laptop, I am sure you face this all the time. You need to extend your battery life so you can squeeze a report out or finish a paper.   There are no plugs around and you didn’t bring your cable.  At the same time your battery is dying.  So how can you extend your battery life for your laptop? These few simple tricks which work well for my laptop to extend my battery for hours. ...

Don’t assume Photoshop auto functions can make your photos better


Whenever I take a photo, I would use the Auto Tune, Auto Contrast and Auto Color functions in Photoshop to make the image looks better. However, lately, I realize that the auto level might not make my pictures look better.  Here are some original photos and compare with how they like after Photoshop.  I like the original ones better.  The color is more warm and vivid.       This...

Transfer Pictures from iPhone to PC Wirelessly


Recently, we had trouble transferring photos from my wife’s iPhone 4S to the computer. Window 7 cannot recognize the phone when we plugged in. We tried updating iTunes, changing the cable and nothing seemed to work. These are the common fixes on Google and I am running out of ideas. The phone is getting full and my wife needs to clear her phone but wanted to keep her pictures and videos. A few...

Free Data with Airtel


[adinserter block=”1″]
If you have an Airtel number and like to get free data, you can dial the following: *175*20#
You will get free 20 mb every month. It ain’t much but if you ever need data and cannot pay for it, it will give you access to the Internet.

IT Guide: Use less Internet bandwidth for iPhones and iPads


I wrote two guides on how to use less Internet bandwidth for Windows machine and Android devices.  I am learning to use less bandwidth as being in Uganda, Internet is very expensive (1 GB = $15 USD!).  My wife uses an iPhone 4 and we have a wifi iPad 2 at home.  I will admit I am not an expert with iOS devices.  But this guide should give you a good start on how to limit your iOS devices from...

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