Cliff in Planet of the Apes

This post is long..fills with pics (below). But let’s start off with the training… start running/indoor bike in the gym. Leg felt great. Yesterday, biked for 30 min and ran for 90 min. No tireness, no pain!!

Today I saw a lady with a Bianchi. I was drooling…of course..I was staring at the bike. She wasn’t using clips. What a waste. I almost want to go and tell her to get clips 🙂 I shall bike soon. My aunt showed me where to rent bikes and trails to ride on. Will do so next week.

As per Commodore‘s request…this is my Uncle’s room. Can you say small?

This is the room I am sleeping. I am 5’7″ and I just barely fit the bed. What can I say, every foot is a luxury.

I feel more like I am in Planet of the Apes than in Hong Kong….there is a mountain where all the monkeys are free to roam.

The monkeys are very smart. My aunt told me the monkeys will recognize supermarket’s plastic bag. Once, she got mauled by them b/c she was carrying one of thoes bag. The monkeys took the bag, open a bag of chips and start eating. The chips was spicy so they spitted them out. I suggest we put hot sauce in the banana and feed it to them 😀 (better not, they know how to hold a grudge).
He must be a regular b/c the monkeys stayed away from us.
I wish someone can do this to me. My friend suggest I get a girlfriend….I think I will be the one who will be doing the picking then getting picked on 🙂

It sure feels like home :)…


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