A Creative God at play

D is a 70 yr old man that live in Mississauga. He is a competitive rower and since I am a triathlete, we have a lot in common in regards to racing and competition.
D is unemployed, struggling to pay bills and has family problems as well.
Through the years of hanging out with him, it is cool to see God working in his life. I remembered him asking me who Christians are how they are diff than Catholics. He frequents a fellowship at a Baptist church. One of his students invited him to go to a church. So God is working. No question about that.
I had been taking courses at Mac Div on a part time basis. I have to write papers and my grammar is horrible (you can tell by my posts :DDD). D use to be an English teacher, I asked him to proof read my papers. I paid D for it. Afterall, work is work.
While having pho tonight and chatting about some of his life problems, it dawned on me at how creative God is working among all this.
Look at the situation. He needed money and do not know God. I needed someone to edit my grammar ridden errors papers for seminary. I was given the opportunity to connect two and two together.
Now he get some money (for work, no charity case here) and my paper is a witness to who God is. I prayed that God can use this process to work on D’s heart.
D added this in my paper:

Your experiences are gratifying I would think now you can put all this to future use in helping others, something you do well at and I’m sure will excel at in the future.

Your friend D

Thanx 4 being a part of my life
This is an example of a Creative God at play. I never planned this from the beginning. God worked through me without realizing it. Is ok. I am just a tool anyways. I was merely a spectator caught at the glimpse of a God not only going after the lost but also provide an avenue to reduce poverty. Praise the LORD!

D told me he had been reading about Hannah and the birth of Samuel…awesome!! 🙂

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