Data Entry Marathon….

Maybe this is to train for my mental toughness….4000 entries need to be made into a inventory database. Spent 4 hr last night doing it. Should be done by today. I am close to half way mark.

The community opened at 6:30 am. Today I thought I could have the pool all to myself. Then I could do some drills.

Argh…there were grandpas and grannys. More than the usual time when I go to the pool (around 8 am). I did some leg drills. Left leg still kicking too stiff.

Maybe I am too fat, my legs were dragging in the water with the pull bouy. The pull bouy is too small for me. I must have looked quite silly with my legs dragging in the water like an anchor :). Wait a minute, fat floats. So that means I am not fat. I am just a rock 🙂


  • swimming is hard my friend… it’s not like running, or cycling, i think of it more like learning how to golf… both of them involve learning a complicated stroke… keep at it — don’t get discouraged!!

  • I concur with ultraclyde. Try swimming downhill – try to keep your upper body down. Your legs will come up. I did that last time and it saved about 2 mins in 1500m.

  • rocks can swin with enough current to push them along, don’t give up, you’ll get it. btw in another life time (when I was a lifeguard) I saw several people nearly drown… some were fat and some weren’t, I don’t think it matters. look at how big whales are 🙂

  • Maybe that is why I was able to pick up on the swimming, fat floats. I guess that is one good thing about being a Clydesdale.

    Try pushing you face towards the bottom of the pool. That will press your “buoy” downward and subsequently raise your legs. Worked for me, might give it a try. Good luck!

By Cliff

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