A Desire for a new world


I think sometimes I get stuck in the only Christian desire a new earth (and new heaven)….

When I listen to a song like this, I can’t help but to see that those who don’t know Christ have a desire for a new world too when we look at the brokeness of today’s culture 🙂

They gotta war for oil, a war for gold
A war for money and a war for souls
A war on terror, a war on drugs
A war on kindness and a war on hugs
A war on birds and a war on bees
They gotta a war on hippies tryin’ save the trees


Sing to the new day, Rhyme to the new day
Transform hell into heaven God lives through,
Grab hold of today

We don’t stop because our King don’t stop…a desire to see a new Kingdom coming down 🙂

By Cliff

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