I headed over to the pool during lunch time. Did nothing big. 500 m warm up and 1000 m pull (pull buoy).

It felt great to be in the water. I purchased a 10 pass at the pool around my work area. It’s good to get some training during the work day.

Anyways…my week have been going fairly well. I am surprise I wasn’t too shell from the hill repeats on Wed.

Yesterday I met up with a friend and went for a run after work. She was learning to run. And I showed her some of the trails around my area.

She asked me questions about training and what not…and I am not very good at thinking on my feet. When it comes to questions like…’how do you have the motivation to get up 5 am in the morning and swim?’ or ‘Have you ever consider quitting? What did you do?’

I am dumbfounded.

I don’t know is my first response. I shared glimpses of what I experienced. Something here. Something there. To wrap up one liner to explain how I felt in an Ironman…I would say you will find out who you really are.

As I was sharing, I also realize that I never really thought about quitting in Ironman. When I train, I thought about quitting all the time. Especially why not I am not training as much (like now). During Ironman, I don’t recollect one moment where I really want to quit and go home. There wasn’t a moment in the water where I thought about bailing. Or think about how far I have to go. Or on the bike, I never thought about quitting after climbing the hills. When it was tough, I simply stop for a minute. Took a break and keep moving.

I figure part of it is the fact that not many people who had cancer and a liver transplant to be able to participate in a triathlon (let alone going long). Why quit now when kids are fighting for their lives in the hospital?

The run was good. I had a great time yapping about triathlon and how it related to my life.

From now till Tuesday will be a lot of training. The weather is looking fantastic here and I look forward to swim, bike and run.

Have a great weekend.


By Cliff

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