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I come across a blog post today no =>

it is a review on the book, Christless Christianity. I read the post and it made me feel sad.

My concern is that we are getting dangerously close to the place in everyday American church life where the Bible is mined for ‘relevant’ quotes but is largely irrelevant on its own terms; God is used as a personal resource rather than known, worshiped and trusted; Jesus Christ is a coach with a good game plan for our victory rather than a Savior who has already achieved it for us; salvation is more a matter of having our best life now than being saved from God’s judgment by God himself; and the Holy Spirit is an electrical outlet we can plug into for the power we need to be all that we can be.

The only hope i have is that God is soverign in all things. hmm..more things to ponder and meditate upon..

Take it easy!

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By Cliff

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