Games Overs..Onwards to Australia

Games are done. I am in Brisbane. Hanging out with a friend. Tomorrow I will be heading to Fraser Island. It’s a wilderness there.
Last night we had gala. It was great. Everyone dress up and we say our last good bye.
Yesterday, I petted a Koala bear, kangeroos and see a lot of local wildlife. Took lots of pictures.
Will give u guys an update when I come back.
😀 Thanks for all the support.
Sick Kids of Toronto brought a team to the games and had a diary. Check out Sun Aug 23. I was quoted:

Cliff, who is a seasoned triathlete, stated last night “I’m used to the slow, steady pace of the Iron Man…so I’m afraid for the race tomorrow…I can’t handle 5 km pain!!” Obviously, he could handle it very well, and he gave all the spectators a thrill with his final sprint to the finish! Cliff is also a “SickKids graduate”, as he received his liver transplant at SickKids in the early 1990’s.

Note to self: Need to say something more intelligent next time around.


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