God’s Ocean of Grace


The past few weeks have been a mix of filling out forms, emails, testing systems and a million and one to dos.

Just to give a brief update…

We came back from a recce trip two weeks ago.  Wai Jia wrote a great post on her blog.   I am serving with OMF until mid April.  Afterwards, we will fly back to Canada to thank my supporters, follow up on my medical needs and visit friends and family.  Then come back to Singapore to pack and then to head to Uganda.  We plan to stay in Uganda for one year.

Many of the nights, both Wai Jia and I are exhausted by night. It feels like this never ends. There’s always one more form to fill (or re-fill) and one more thing to pack. We try to encourage each other that soon, this will be over.

Seeing that I am getting stressed, Wai Jia deliberately schedule off time for us.  This is where we don’t talk about ministry or work or moving.  Just rest.  I am learning to rest as well.

More importantly, I am learning to depend our Father.  It seems that this season of my life is to learn to depend on the Father.  There are a number of things I have no control.  For example, who is to take care of my medical needs while we are in Uganda?  What about getting medication?  I don’t have all the answers. I just focus on following Him.

Internally, I realize I am going through transitional stress.  The thought of going to Canada to say godo bye and then making farewells in Singapore makes me feel un-settled.

Over the weekend, my friend Whatsapp me and asked how I have been doing. To which I replied:

We are just riding along the currents of God’s ocean of grace.

And that’s where we are at right now.  We are just riding along.

There are probably more things to say and more to blog. What are we doing there?  What we hope to accomplish?  What are our concerns?

Hmm…good questions.   🙂  Will catch up on those on a later time.

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