Have you ever seen a swimming rock?

When I am busy, my appetite goes out the window. This morning I didn’t eat breakfast and only had two Clif shot before my workout. It is now 1:30 pm before I am eating. No good.

Busy with work..really need to get this networking done. The worst part being in IT is that a lot of time u can only do upgrades during off hours. 🙂 Need prayer here.

I did my long swim last night. It was good. I could really feel the glide. The coach told me to swim in set of 200s. I swim 200 and take a break. My break last from 45-55 seconds. I get back in the water once my breathing drops back down. By the last sixth set, I felt a muscle pull on my left foot. Never happened before. I waited until the pain died down and beared out the last set.

When I go faster, I don’t have to kick as much. So I stroke, stroke, stroke, breath + kick. An improvement compare to two weeks ago.

Last Fri, the Coach took some pic of me swimming for his website. Well, he sent me one of them. Now…here is the pic of a swimming rock…enjoy 🙂


By Cliff

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