HELP!!! Wetsuit newbie : )

Last night, I didn’t got to meet with my swim coach. Community pool was out of comission. Was trying to do some stride and my knees are in pain. So no bike and run for this week. This morning, right knee cap is still aching. Rest and ice.

Anyways, I am a bit nervous about thsi wetsuit swimming stuff. I never tried to put on a wetsuit before and I brought it with me to work. My plan is after work, head down to the lake and try to swim with it. Yes TRY. I doubt I will do any decent lengths. This is more like playing with my wetsuit 🙂

Is there anything I have to watch out for? (other than sharks seeing me as easy meat and people laughing at this idiot with a wetsuit on).

The weather is hot today. Wooooweee. 34*C (93*F) feels like 41*C (105.8*F). Before I wish the weather is warm enough so i can try my wetsuit. Too hot for wetsuit?

Quite excited about the wetsuit though. Can’t wait to flip around in the beach in a few hours.

A good msn conversation….

Cliff: i wonder if it is too hot to try my wetsuit
William: No, you will be fine Just pull it half way on and then get into the water right away then pull it up, you’ll be fine

Cliff: watch me struggle..and flip flop around like a dying fish

William: Thats how you always swim. Nothing new there

Cliff : oh…diss… too true

William: Except now you will look like you know how to swim. What a dissapointment to everyone watching

Cliff : the only time ppl wil lbe watching is when they see me sinking int he lake
for sure that will attract a crowd

William: They might think it’s one of those whales that gets too close to the beach, or a crazy seal that can’t swim. Or a garbage bag


Cliff: u will see on the headline..Crowd drag seal into lake, realize it was a drowning swimmer..


  • Find all the seams on the wetsuit, match where they will contact your body, and use a LOT of Bodyglide. You can thank me later.

  • Put the suit on while it’s dry. Other than that, swimming with a wetsuit is like cycling downhill – just that much easier. You’ll be shocked, shocked! at the ease.

  • Cliff – I tried my wetsuit for the first time Sunday. WOW! I loved it! It was very easy to swim in…not restricting at all…but mine does not have sleeves. Good luck with yours – I think you’ll love it!

  • I love my wetsuit! You’ll be in love too, when you realize how easily you’ll skim across the water!

    Use plenty of Bodyglide around the collar, and go have fun!

  • I wish I had some advice for you on this but I’m a newbie too so I’m just gleaning everything I can from what people recommend to you.

  • The only time I use a wet suit is for wakeboarding when the water is cold, but I do not remember having problems getting into it. Hmmm I guess I am no help. Listen to someone else and ignore me. I am just a runner anyways.

  • 1) Make sure you clip all fingernails first.
    2) Make sure you are dry before trying to pull it on.
    3) Leave plenty of room in the shoulders.
    4) Don’t cinch around the nect too tight.
    5) NEVER EVER swim in open water alone.

    Other then that – have a great time! And you will be amazed at how much you float in a wetsuit. It would be pretty difficult to drown with one on.

    Even for you, Cliff. 😉

  • You will love the wetsuit. And lakes are nice b/c there isn’t much “stuff” in there. Not like the ocean! You’ll love floating. The hardest part is getting it on!

  • Actually, you do need to be very careful of overheating in a wetsuit in hot weather. You can pass out in the water, which can lead to undesirable consequences like drowning. So be very careful and always swim with an experienced partner!

By Cliff

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