Here we go

I am going to miss my bikey. That’s for sure.

Hmm..not much else….just been packing and stuff. Flight leaving at 10 pm and I am pretty much done packing. There is not much I need to bring.

In a way, this is good thing that I am heading back. A time to reflect and think about my career and my next move.

In the past few weeks, my motivation to train has been shot. And I don’t like it one bit. I can feel my attitude to train becoming more medicore.

I am glad I met up w/ Darren yesterday. It was great. Have you ever swim next to a fish? It’s amazing. After I done my set, I took a look at how Darren swim.

Just talking about Ironman get me back into the game. He told me my swimming has improved. I don’t swim swiggly and more straight. So that’s a good sign. I swim 1,500 m in 38 min. My average 1000 m is 20 min last season. So my swim fitness had gone down.

With warm up and cool down, I swim a total of 2,000 m. Not much for you fishies out there. I use to get tired by the volume. Now my arms were not tired at all. I want more….All I want is to have a lane for an hour. Keep doing long sets. Hmm..can you say 6 sets of 400s? or 7 or 8? 🙂

We also talk about nutrition and my infinit formula is too high. The sodium is 539 mg. That’s a lot. No wonder why my stomach is giving me trouble. Dial that down and I am pretty sure my stomach will be fine. I can’t test that until I come back.

My foot is healing slowly. I follow RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevation).

I was talking to William yesterday…perhaps the injury is related to the stress I am facing..hmm….

well…in a few more hours I am heading to the airport. I just hope I can find a decent pool to do some swimming in Hong Kong. Better finish packing. Thanks for all the encouragement. Talk to you in a few days.


By Cliff

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