Hit me baby one more time.

Not that I am much into Britney Spears. But that’s the only title I can come up with today’s post. Last Sat, I did a reverse tri. Run 2 hr, bike for 1 and swim for 30 min or so. Nothing heavy. It was all done in easy effort. The sun was out and the weather was great. I did one quick hill repeat before heading back home. On the way up, I notice the side walk was littered with scraps of porn! On the way down, I picked up every piece and throw it in the trash.

There was a highschool not too far from this hill. There were a whole bunch of kids finishing classes. As they were coming out of the sidewalk, I can’t help to think how their hearts can be change by seeing these filth lying in the street. It is a degradation to females to be treated as objects.

Anyway….today’s post was in reference to yesterday’s run. I did some hill repeats. Just keep hitting them one at a time. They are all done in Z1-Z2 (no higher than 160 HR). Very easy pace.

Here are my stats:

22:42 Warm Up
7:40 1st – 149 avg HR
7:55 2nd – 151 avg HR
8:11 3rd – 149 avg HR
7:45 4th – 151 avg HR
7:40 5th – 152 avg HR
14:41 Cool Down

Total time: 1 hr 16 min
Distance: 11 km

If you notice, the third repeat, my time was significantly slower than the others. That’s the lap when I wasn’t focusing on my run. The repeats is done in a valley. So when I run down, I focus on gliding and I keep repeating to myself, ‘free speed Cliff, keep those feet moving’. When I go up, I focus on staying relax. Keep it easy, keep it light.

Last night I did 5 laps. In the future, I like to extend it to 10 laps ;). Fun stuff.

This ‘hill’ will be a good base as a indicator of how well my running has progress. Let see if I can reduce those times with the same HR as I run more.

These couple of days, I am busy with many things. I am taking a course on discipleship and I have a paper due this Sat. I have a website to develop for a friend. I will squeeze my training in but the schedule will be irregular.

I figure I will share a bit about my non-tri life. Tonight was my mom’s b-day. I ordered take out (curry) and my sis bought some dessert. It was great. After dinner, I was exhausted and took a nap. Last Sun, we went to karaoke after church. It was for a friend’s b-day. Boy did I love to sing again. Granted, God did not give me the gift of singing. I read the words more than sing and my tune is totally off. Either way, it was fun 😉

Time for bed..nite!


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