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I arrived early this morning. The flight was long. Six hrs from Toronto to Anchorage (Alaska) and 15 more to Hong Kong.

The seats are cramp so I pretty much sleep for an hour and get up to change position. Repeat that for 10 times and that’s my flight. The onboard meals were more like snacks. Lots of sat fat and trans fat. But nothing I can do.

All I can say is that I love the weather. 20 degree * C and cloudy. No humid at all. Compare to the freezing weather in Toronto. No contest.

I haven’t came back for more than 10 years. This place is packed. Everyone is going somewhere and doing something. Fast pace lifestyle. My uncle (where I am staying right now) is further away. Kinda like the suburbs. The villa that he lives in is quiet.

My foot is getting better. Perhaps it is because I sat in the plane for so long and letting it rest. My right knee is giving me problem. A few weekends ago, I was playing paintball and I banged my right knee when I fell. Even now, I can feel a minor ache inside of my kneecap.

If not for the knee and the foot, I would love to go for a quick jog. My aunt showed me the local gym. The closest pool is a 30 min commute. Ekk. I gotta find something closer.

My grandma’s (dad side) funeral is tomorrow night and Wed morning. I haven’t been to a chinese funeral before. So I don’t know what to expect. In chinese culture, we are to wear white overalls. We got the right outfits today before lunch.

Glad to see my uncles and my aunts. My dad haven’t see his bro/sis for a long time. So the gathering, despite being in a funeral, will hopefuly be warm

My grandma (mom side) walks 2-3 hrs every morning. I would love to walk w/ her. Then train on my own. The rest of the day will be exploring Hong Kong, spending time with friends and relatives.

For now, I am still getting use to the time zone. It is 3 pm and I need a snooze….

Will post pics…


  • First time checking out your blog, cancer survivor?!?!!? yikes. I’m sure that you talked about it somewhere here, so I’ll probably see it later. Good luck with the time change. I’ve visited the Philippines once from California, USA. Jetlag is a pain.

  • Glad you are there safe and sound, i’m sure your family is so happy to see you. Hope you can post some pics of this great place you’re in!!!

  • See… now I see where you get it. Grandma is out there training for 2-3 hours a day. No wonder you are a machine!

    Enjoy your trip, Cliff. Wish it were for happier circumstances, but like johnnytri said… the time with your other grandma is priceless.

  • Hard to believe you are on the other side of the world, when just a couple of days ago, we were swimming side by side. Enjoy your adventure Cliff, enjoy your family and don’t forget to enjoy some training! Cheers, bro.

  • Your blog reminded me of the one time I visited my grandfather in Taipei and he took me on his morning jog. He used to jog every morning well into his 70s.

  • Despite your grandma’s funeral, it sounds like you are able to have a wonderful visit. I wanna be like your other grandma and have my grandkids walk 2-3 hours a day with me!

  • Cliff, I would definitely join your grandmom for a couple of her daily walks. You could learn a lot. I am sure that she has interesting stories to tell you and wisdom to share!!!

  • Hey Cliff, so good to heaqr from you all the way in Hong Kong. Actually, it is a lot nearer to Singapore than Toronto!

    Good to hear that the foot is better. Perhaps it is the “right” time to nurse the foot and the ankle, while you are on a break in Hong Kong. If you have not been there in 10 years, I bet it feels like a whole new country huh? People there actually speak Mandarin now, not just Cantonese! 🙂

    Take care and TREASURE this time with the extended family.

    God Bless!

  • Hope you enjoy the trip!!! I used to run the trails in the middle of HK island. Despite my aunt saying they were dangerous. It’s been almost ten years since my last visit there. Would love to see some pictures and hear about your time there.

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