I am an odd ball, that’s for sure…

Just came back from a 1 hr 51 min run. Feels good to just go long. The weather is humid and hot. Great…time to get the body to acclimatize. Lord, turn up the heat please so I can get ready for Ironman!

My family are very supportive. I was telling sis on Sunday how I might end up doing a 15 hr race. Mom and I have been talking about my nutrition needs. She also eat healthy too and we both agree our house needs more veges. I told my mom to not expect much of me in June b/c this will be the last month for me to train.

Life is good. I unpluged from the net before 10 pm and get to bed early. Workwise I am like a sponge just absorbing everything.

Back to the title of this post….yes I am an odd ball. I remembered telling Len (a close friend) that we are just different. How so? (Do note this post I might offend some people. I apologize. The point is to point out that I am different..that’s all).

i) Unlike everyone on moving up the ladder and getting big bucks, we both believe that learning is more important, even if it sacrifices $$ (I believe in failing often and early before I get old.)
ii) Most people will settle for a job in a big company or government for security, I rather go and do something I can learn from (ie start a side business or work in a small company). The job I have right now is lower pay than my previous job. I took it simply b/c I want to learn about internet marketing and their franchise system.
iii) I am a go-getter. I act first before I think. Sitting around and doing nothing is often more costly than doing anything. (Side note: I do need to learn when to think first before diving in).
iv) I enjoy pushing myself. It is almost like a game. Can I ride 5 hrs? Yes. How about 6? Or 7?
v) I often tear my mindset apart and adopt a new one. After coming back from Hong Kong in April, I am already in the process of doing so. Everyday, I asked God if I can be more bold in serving Him, more bold in being a better person.

If this doesn’t makes me an odd ball….read the following emails:

Man..no offense dude but this email is like a set up for a lot of dissing…

u know how i am.. :)…i will stop now.

pink shirt is the best..do u know what’s even better? PINK PANTS :D…..then u will go in styling…..

What diss? I already told you I don’t care how prissy or unmanly-man it makes me sound 🙂

Besides, you know my view on wearing pink: It takes a guy who’s very secure with himself to wear pink with confidence 🙂

Pink pants… Nah, that doesn’t even work for women.

Any diss you can think of, just remember I’m gonna be out there next week aving a fun time having completely forgotten your dissing 🙂

I guess i am really confidence of my sexuality b/c i wear pink underwear 😉

…i don’t need to make you sound anymore unmanly than you really are…..



Nyah, that one was weak. I thought you might give me a better diss than that 🙂

I did, however, suspect that you might be wearing pink underwear. I just didn’t know they made men’s underwear in pink. So unless that means… oh man, I’d rather picture you in spandex.

I dye my underwear pink….why do you think i stay home on fri? So I can wake up early to ride on Sat? No way….


So now you all know why I don’t go out on friday night 🙂


By Cliff

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