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Not much to update. I just came back from a swim and my technique is off. Coach had me do a 1000 m and measure my stroke every 200 m.

For a 25 m pool, this is my numbers:

200 m = 22
400 m = 21
600 m = 22
800 m = 23
1000 m = 22

Note: This is one length, not one lap. I need to amp up my swim more. Probably add another drill session.

By the way, does anyone know what fist drill suppose to do? Is it to work on our balance??


  • I am no expert on swimming but my understanding is that fist drills force the swimmer to use good form and grab the water with the entire forearm. It helps reenforce the need to grab with more than just the hand, because when swimming with the hands in fists, they are out of the picture.

  • The fist drill should help with your entire arms “feel” of the water. It should help you with your sculling. Force you not to take your stroke straight back like a windmill 🙂

  • i think the key to fist drill is to do a 25m lap halfway with fists closed, getting the feel for how your forearms participate in the stroke, and then slowly open your fists to then feel how your palms and fingers participate in powering you forward.

    fist drill, and one-arm catch-up are my two favorite drills.

  • yep, that is what i heard too on the fist drill – its supposed to give you a “feel” for the water when you open your fists. your stroke count is good, but once you get your technique down, i bet you see them come down to the 17ish range!

  • Here’s a tip I got from Dave Scott. Instead of doing fist drills, take a tennis ball in each hand…and swim. You get the same feel (pulling with the forearm), but you’re forced to stay honest. Then when you drop the balls, you’ll really feel that pull with the hands.

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