It’s Friday…

I have taken my bike to the shop for a tune up on Monday. Hopefully I can pick it up today. Today I am seeing my eye doctor. The speck in my eye is not going away. I hope I can run, swim or bike after she takes a look at it. Kewl, even though u told me not to do it, I did try using a cotton swap and take it out myself. Didn’t work :D.

Training has been going hard core. I am not sure if I am doing more volume than before. But I am maxing out the frequency. Before and after work. I really want to push more this phase. All I can say is that it feels good. I think I read this through DGC’s blog. We rarely regret going out for a run. So true. Yesterday after work, i didn’t feel like running. I was tired and exhuasted. Just b/c I don’t feel like it doesn’t mean I don’t do it right?…So I picked a hill close to my work and pound away. It does feel good after a run.

I got another bag that I am using to store my running clothes. Soon, I will add a bike bag and the collection will be complete. I have 8 weeks before my first race. I have to get ready. Swimming, I think I have another breakthrough. Left hand is definitely much smoonther…of course, what I say doesn’t matter until we have it on video. Will see if I can have Swimming Rock Part II anytime soon :).

Since there ain’t much to post..let me share u what i got on Monday…

Mike is so nice. He knows I need a wetsuit and this is his old one. I haven’t tried it on yet. He also got me a Nike hat and two water bottles. Thanks a lot.

Last night, our Fellowship had a prayer meeting and we baked cookies and goods for Christina‘s sharing tonight. Christina just got back from a 4-month mission trip in Thailand. I look forward to hearing her sharing.

They were making cookies and strawberry cheesecake. Of course, me on a diet, I was munching my carrots like there is no tomorrow :). I really enjoy last night’s prayer night. Maybe it was the high I got from the run. But it felt great to be with brothers and sisters that I can really share my life with and connect with each other.

Alice (the one in the center in a white shirt) talked about Famine 30. We will be doing that next week.


The baking crew.

Where’s the milk?? Poor guy, he was rip apart and devour by my fellowship in minutes.


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