Keeping it short.

Very tired and have lots to do…to summarize:

– today did a 6 hr 20 min bike ride with Darren. Burned about 4500 calories. My legs are busted. They are hurting so bad that I thought they would start cramping (i never cram before). Rode through a lot of hills. Three tough climbs. Two of them, I stopped half way b/c my wheel tire slipped. I figure out how to clip back on while on steep hills. No way I am walking up. NEVER.

Today’s ride was slow. Hilly and windy. A lot reasons to give up. Then I realize race day, these are weathers I might expect. God ain’t gonna give u no wind all sun weather on race day. Race director ain’t gonna give u a flat road to race. Complaining about the weather and the hills are irrevlevant. Besides, just getting up everyday to train, I am grateful already. Keep moving. Steady pace.

Got home, ice bath. Good stuff. Not as bad once i got used to it. Going to sleep early tonight. Tomorrow, go for 2 hr recovery ride before Church.

– yesterday, went to get a bike fit. Fitter said bike is too big for me. The top tube is 58 cm. I need a 50 cm. Nothing he could do. His suggestion, sell this one and buy a new one. No money to do that now. Was a bit frustrated walking out. Then thought about it. I ain’t aching from my ride and I can still build my base. It ain’t gonna change anything.

I was feeling pretty down. Great. Another problem. How am I going to train for Ironman now. Maybe this ain’t for me..blah blah blah…Then I realize I have been training for five months with this bike. Not the best situation and I would change if I could….why did my motivation change b/c someone told me this bike didn’t fit me?

Get a shorter stem to help ease the problem.

Up in Canada, we have a long weekend. Monday is Victoria Day. Going to go to the beaches on Monday. Have a great one!


By Cliff

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