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I am right now at OMF learning the role and the ministry.  So a bit busy in the moment to post updates.

A good (and Godly) friend sent me this earlier the week.

It pretty much sums out the type of relationship I desire and also the focus of the relationship…

Not only praying for Him to keep opening doors for you both to walk into together as a couple to serve Him in this world for His kingdom!!  but also for you both to grow intimately .. to “know” Him intimately … the sweetness and goodness of serving together, the sweetness and goodness knowing that no matter how hard the ministry and mission He set you both to be in, it is His love binding you both together, His faithfulness fueling your relationship, His love and mercy following you both all days of your lives!!! 

A constant reminder is that the relationship is not self seeking.  It is beyond just a couple.  But rather it is a longing to seek His Kingdom together.  Where two people become one in glorifying Him not by merely living a good life but rather an utter obedience to God in the ministry He called the couple to partake.

As such, all lofty goals and dreams and desire of comfortable and security is set aside…

…so do not worry about the food you eat or the clothe you wear (or the person you married or the house you own or the career you will have or the things you will own or the vacation you will go)…rather seek first His Righteousness and His Kingdom…….

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