The last deposit.

Just a review of last week’s training. After Muskoka Long Course, I jump back into the game. No break….
Last week was training focus. Let the numbers roll…
June 18th – 24th
Mon – Swim 55′, Bike 115′
Tues – Run 90′, Swim 35′, Bike 60′ (trainer)
Wed – Swim 60′, Bike 115′
Thurs – Rest (boy, did I needed that)
Fri – Run 50′
Sat – Bike 360′, Run 60′ (brick)
Sun – Run 180′
Note: 60′ = 60 minutes.

Total Time = 19 hr 40 min
Swim Volume = 6700 m
Bike Volume = 265 km
Run Distance = 55.9 km
I planned to go over 20 hours last week. I bailed on a recovery bike ride on Sun b/c my legs were toasted and figured it was better to take a break. I ended up walking in the park with some friends. Everytime I saw a cyclist, I was in envy. The weather was perfect and I wasn’t on my steed. But the body needed rest. Oh well..19 and a bit hours ain’t too bad 🙂

Last Mon and Tues, I reached the next level of fatigueness. The first few minutes getting up from the bed was a struggle. Once I was up, all was good. By Wednesday, it felt like a Friday. I was glad to have Thurs as a rest day.

The ‘training’ from Long Course Muskoka took more of me than I thought.

On Sat, I did a group training the team Race4Kids. We met at a house and rode out and back. My front deraileur decided to stop working at that day. I was stuck in my mid ring the whole time.
I wasn’t able to use my granny gear. On regular route, I can live without it. When we climbed Hockley Valley, ouch. I was grinding and my HR was spiking. By the end my quads were feeling it.
On this ride, I started to eat as much as my stomach can handle. On a 6 hr ride, I congested 2,000 calories and burnt about 5,400 calories. Despite a high HR (from grinding) my stomach wasn’t complaining. So I am happy about that. Hydration was right on. I was peeing every 40 min for the first 4 hours (then once an hour afterwards).

You know you are training lots when you run out of gels, clif bars, infinit nutrition, and gatorade… I was afraid I bonked on Sun run. I didn’ all was good.
How do I feel right now?

I’ve been watching over a number of Ironman videos on I have no idea how I will do. I have been busy with work for the past few days. Yesterday I went for an hour ride and my legs still feel pretty fatigue. I need to focus on doing the open water swim. I am pretty serious to swim comfy and relax. A contradition huh? 🙂

This Sat, I am going to do an open water swim with Darren and C3. Then ride for about 4-5 hrs. Then finish it with a 30 min run. It’s pretty crazy to think that’s a ‘taper’ training. I love going long.
Last Sun at church’s anniversary dinner, I spent a lot of time talking about tri and training. A girl wants to do a marathon with her cousin’s g/f. The Pastor’s daugther approached me and asked me if I was doing an Ironman. It turned out her gym teacher is doing Ironman USA as well and they have a tri club. She plans on doing a triathlon next year…..crazy. 🙂

….I got a new jersey for I love it….will pose a shot later. I will end off with picture from Muskoka Long Course.


By Cliff

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