Locked, cocked and ready to rock.

Keep this brief. Yesterday I did a 2 hr bike ride and ran outside for 20 min. It was the first time I ran outside since I tore my shoulder.

It is amazing what a taper can do for you. I was running in HR 165+ without breathing hard. That is my zone 3-4. Of course, if I run at this heart rate in Ironman, I am going to blow up.

My legs felt strong and I felt great. It was raining but it was awesome! Normally running at HR 165, I will be breathing hard. Instead I was singing out loud.

Today I did an hour run. No more high HR. I kept it between 140-150. Just nice and easy.

I think about Ironman everyday. Today at service I was praying really hard. I recall all the effort I put in for this race. The early morning swims. The late night runs. The week in and out. The life up and down. I give thanks to be able to do this.

Two years ago, Ironman was a vague thought in my head. Next week, I will be facing the biggest challenge in my 27 years on earth. I will be dropping 100%. I will be digging deep.

I am focus.
I am nervous.
I am excited.
I am anxious.
I am happy.
I am scared.
Ha..just like me before going on a date 🙂 (a hawt date!!)

I am going to go now. I need to write down my racing strategy. The mind needs to stay focus and sharp.

I haven’t swim since my accident. If my shoulder is good, I will hit the pool on Tues. I am seeing the specialist on Wed for a final check on my shoulder. I can swing my right arm 360 with some stiffness.


By Cliff

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