Mean weekend.

That’s how I sum up my weekend. Mean. It wasn’t hard. It wasn’t painful. It was just mean.

This is the last weekend I train before I go into taper mode. Last chance I make my deposit to my Ironman bank account before I withdraw it on July 22nd.

What was the deposit?

Yesterday, I trained with Race4kids. The coach set up a 90 km loop course and let us ride for 6 hrs and a 7 km loop for us to run for an hour and a half.

I biked 6 hr and ran an hour. To make things interesting my front deraileur decided to die in the beginning of the ride. I was riding in my mid ring and grinding (instead of spinning) my way up all the hills. Ouch.

All in all a MEAN brick.

This morning the run was …. mean. It was hot and the sun was blazing down. With a bottle in my hand, I just go. I enjoyed the heat. I love it. I made sure the last 40 min I was running with the sun in my eye. There is nothing like sweat dripping all over while moving gracefully down the road with a smile on your face. At the end, I did a three hour run. Actually 2:45 plus 15 min cool down.

This is it. In four weeks, I will be putting the engine I have built to the test.

I am going to bed now. I will give a weekly summary tomorrow.

Ding ding ding. I am done. Taper mode is on.


By Cliff

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