A mix of things in my mind and my heart


The sermon

This morning, I was listening to Joyce Meyer’s sermon before heading to work.

Today’s message spoke particularly to my heart. Joyce was preaching wearing a Do Not Disturb sign. She started off with saying that there are times in our life that we are so busy doing what we are doing that often times we are busy for the sake of busy-ness.

As we are hurrying in our lives, the people who need our help are often not heard.

Or worst, we hear them and we decide to keep moving.

Yesterday after Sun School, we had a lunch party at my church. I went out quickly to get more drinks for the party. On the way back, I passed a car that was going very slowly. From the looks of it, it looked like a car trouble. I was hurried heading back to church that I didn’t even stop for a minute.

Despite the fact that I know nothing about the car, I could have at least stop to see if the driver needed assistance. The very least I can offer is my cell phone for him to call someone. Instead, I drove away, hurry back to church. Reminds me of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Joyce continued on describing that we are so busy fixing ourselves that we stop take care for others. The problem is that we will never be able to fix our own problems.

This is a very different mentally than the belief off..fix ourselves, then we help others (self help mentality?). It ends up going in a vicious cycle that we will never able to fix ourselves and never able to help others. At the end, everyone loses.

The heart

I was accepted to go to Seminary school earlier this month. I cannot say I am over joy. Granted, it is definitely God’s Blessing that I am able to get in.

What I am most concern is that I will come out fill with head knowledge and at the risk of losing my heart to seek Christ. Like the Levites or the Priests, who ought to serve God but fail to do so by walking on the other side of the road.

Knowledge does not guarantee transformation.

Joyce continued in her message that a church should feel with people that are sick and the lost. People that are not all there like us.

I couldn’t agree more. Jesus go after the lost, the last and the least. The beggers, the demon-possessed, the leper, the tax collectors.

Sometimes at church, we can be very comfortable. We talk to the same people or friends that we can associate with. At times, there will be people who are not ‘in’ and are out there.

And my heart goes for those. Those that are ‘out’ there. Those who the society don’t think as important. Those who the society shun because they are not normal.

It is only when I see the sin that I an infested with. My brokenness, do I see, feel, and understand the power and the grace of Christ. And that’s when my heart is convicted to go after the lost, the last and the least.

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