A new addition to the family…

On Wednesday, I was saying there will be an addition to the family….well Enduro Sports is having a bike clearance sale. I was speaking with Darren and he thought it was a good idea to check them out. I emailed them over the week and asked them if they have a Cervelo Dual available. And they do.

I was there today in the afternoon. They have one (only one) in my size:). Sweet.

For the past two years, I was riding a Devinci Chicane. It’s a roadie and it’s frame is too big for me (so big that a bike fitter won’t even put me on for fitting). I am very fortunate because at that time I was paying to fix my teeth (not dental coverage) and no money to invest in a new bike. despite the large frame, I had no injury from riding it. So I figure I use it to train for my Ironman.

The saleslady put it on the trainer and let me ride for a bit. It feels like I am in a very aggressive position (leaning forward). My arms are stretching to hold on to the aerobars.

The bike comes with a free fitting. All bikes accessories are tax off. I got a new pair of pedals. Plan to add a comp and a cage mount. I put down a deposit and will go next Sat and have it fitted. Then I will bring it home :). Too bad…it is snowing outside.

Why Cervelo Dual? To simply put, it is one of the best entry level tri bike you can get for the price. The paint job is a black and red. I believe that is the 2004 version. This is a bike that was ridden by pros a few years earlier.

Here is a review from Bikesport Michigan.

And how did I celebrate with a new tri bike? I went out for a run.

Easy run: 55′ – 5.1 miles (10:47 min/mile)

It was snowing. I love to run in the snow. Did a quick hour and head home. There was a lot to ponder. To reflect. To meditate. To be grateful for.

With a new tri bike..there is a lot to think about…I better make sure all my tri gears matches the bike. B/c we all know it is all about the color scheme 😀

My friend is asking me if I am going to name my bike…. ;)…Clarissa came to mind (it’s a long story :D).


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