No Limits Training – 11 days left and What do you do with your 5%??

Just been looking back the training this week. When I drop, I really drop my training. Mon and Tues I spent the most of my time recouperating from my snowboard expedition. Wed did my long run. Yesterday, did one leg bike drill before going to Fellowship. This morning, spent 45 min at the gym. Tonight, I will meet with my swim coach and get my free session in. Tomorrow I am doing a 3 hr bike ride. If I am feeling well, I might hit the pool afterwards.

I get pay on the 1st and the 15th. When I got my pay check on Wednesday, I know I have half a month left until CMS’ No Limit Challenge. Looking back, I almost double my training hours (15 hours) compare to my marathon training last summer (8 hrs). I was talking to Will that 15 hours is not unmanageable. This ain’t to say that I will be doing 15 hour every week. I just need to make sure I take care of other life stuff along the way before spending that week on training.

Based on weather channel, today’s gust is at 57 miles/hr. I wish the weather stay like this until Sun when I go do my running drill. I know it sounds crazy. But I need harsh weather to train in. The harsher the better. Ever since I started training, I haven’t really feel I have push myself. I have train longer, yes. But mentally I haven’t have this “man this is crazy, let’s do it attitude“. I have instead the “man this is crazy, I hope it ain’t like this when I train” attitude. I can train easy on the distance and the intensity. But the weather, oh, I have to make sure I face the most dreadful weather out there. This way, when IMUSA rolls around, it ain’t so bad 🙂
So yeah.pray the wind stays strong. I want cross wind, head wind..wind that blow me away…

From the book, Paleo Diet, Joe Friel suggested a 95/5 diet. Pretty much 5% u can eat anything and 95% of what you eat to your diet. Compare to last year’s 80/20 diet. This seems a bit extreme. If tri and training is more of a recreational and a lifestyle than competition, 80/20 works very well. So far, I do enjoy the healthier eating of things. Mostly the family factor helped a lot. Friends still think I am crazy but I guess I enjoy getting that kind of attention :D.

5% of what I eat is pretty much one meal a week. I make sure that this free meal is not before or after a long swim, a long run or a long bike. Last night at fellowship, we played Cranium and had cakes. I had 2 slices of black forest cake and 1 slice of custard cake. They are big slices too. Yup. That’s my 5% for the week. Cranium is a great game. It is a mix of pictionary, charades, word games and trivial persuit. There is one part where you have to hum a song and your team has to guess what it is. The song I picked was “Who let the dogs out” by Ba Ha Man. It was hilarious. There were three team and each of us were humming the same thing.

I still miss beer and wings, beer and nacho chips, beer and beer :)…I guess I will leave that 5% until next week.


By Cliff

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