Olé! Olé! Olé!

…centuries ago in the deserts of North Africa, people used to get together for moonlight dances celebrating sacred entities that would go on for hours and hours. Every once in a while, very rarely, something would happen and one of the performers would be imbued with something transcendent.

“And I know you know what I’m talking about,” she said. “Because I know you’ve all seen at some point in your life a performance like this.”

It’s as if time stopped, and the dancer stepped through a portal. He wasn’t doing anything different than he’d done a thousand times before, but for some reason everything was aligned and he no longer appeared to just move. Instead, he seemed to be lifted from within and below.

“And when this happened, people knew it for what it was,” she said. “They called it by its name. They’d put their hands together and would start to chant Allah, Allah. ‘God, God.’”

As an aside, she noted that when the Moors invaded southern Spain they brought this custom with them, but the pronunciation changed over the centuries from chanting Allah, Allah, Allah to chanting Ole, Ole,Ole, which is now heard at bullfights and flamenco dances when a performer does something incredible.

Ryan Hall, a Christian Marathon runner, describe this in his video. His desire for the Boston marathon was to run in such a way that people will chant Olé or God. When I think about the upcoming Transplant Games, that’s all I can think about. Everyone ask me am I excited. I even told my Pastor that I think I can get a gold. However, looking back, these games, these races, the training, the ups and downs. The anxiety. All I can think about is pointing people to God.
Lord, may I race not for prestiege or medal.

For one doesn’t satisfy and the other rust.

May people not see my strength, but Your Strength.

May I race free from expectation, from pressure and rejoice in Your Presence.

May Your Spirit work mightily through my broken body.

I am not ashame. For I know You shine the brightest among the brokeness!

I will not be tied down by anything. On the course, it will be me and my Savoiur.

May my performance bring joy in Your Sight.

Not by might. Nor by power. Only by the Spirit.

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By Cliff

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