Playing with your food.

Here the veges i eat per week:

– sweet peppers
– english cucumbers
– yam
– beets
– broccoli
– baby carrots
– bok choy
– chinese vege (I forgot the name)
– lotus roots
– tomatoes grape
– mushrooms

I stop eating spinach b/c of the spinach scare but I do need to eat more green stuff. I want to add more variety. I find last season by the end, I am tired of eating the same old stuff. Last season, I eat the same 6-7 types of veges every week. Besides..diff veges = diff nutrients.

For fruits:

– catalope
– banana
– snow pears
– apples
– oranges
– papaya
– plum

More veges and fruits are in order. I miss the green stuff. Sweet peppers are so good but very pricey. What can you do. Premium fuel for a premium engine :).

Training wise, I have been running and swimming almost everyday. Next week will add more schedule, rountine. Yoga and core exercise….hmm…

I run on the treadmill b/c I am waiting for my new shoes from mail. Treadmill ain’t too bad. I do about 20 min everyday. All about working on form and keeping the cadence up. Swimming right now is all about high elbows and light flutter kicks.

Expect some pics on the weekend. I am meeting Bolder tomorrow night….celebrity sightings… :)…oh!!!!


By Cliff

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