The post before Ironman USA

Added: If you are at Lake Placid this Sun, look for me. I will be in an orange jersey, blue bike and black helmet. My number is 280. It’s time to smile and kick butt!!

Yesterday, I picked up my bike yesterday from my local bike store. They fixed my gears problem. I rode for 40 min. Switching all the gears and none skipped. Perfect. I was planning to swim but some kid decided to puke in the pool. I figure something was up when I drove into the community pool and everyone was coming out.

Last time I stayed up to 1 am packing. There is a lot to pack. Race gears, back up gears and my normal clothes. A bit nervous. I have to remind myself that Sun is just one long training day.

I had an interesting thought yesterday. I was looking back all the ‘tough’ sessions I had throughout the years. In all these tough sessions, as ‘suffering’ as they might be, I enjoy them.

Grinding up Hockley Valley….fun.
Running 3 hr with a 6 hr brick the day before…fun.
Swimming open water…fun.
Jogging in the cold…fun.
This Sun at Ironman? FUN.
I love to include a few pics but my camera ran out of battery.I will end off with an email I just sent out earlier today:Hey guys and gals,Just to give a final shout out. I am all pack and ready to go.
Tonight after work I will be driving to Lake Placid.
This Sun at 7 am, me and 2000 others will be swimming 4 km, bike 180 km and finish it off with a marathon (run 42 km). My goal is to have fun and finish. My family and Len will be there as well. I am very fortunate to have you to support me. I can’t do this on my own. There is definitly no I in Ironman. If not for your encouragement (and at times, butt kicking ), I wouldn’t even be at the starting line.It was two years ago that I decided to do an Ironman. Throughout these years, I learnt a lot about myself. More importantly, I know what persistence means…or shall i say, ignorance…(perhaps it is two side of a coin 🙂 ) You guys probably know of my bike accident two years ago and 3 weeks ago flipped over and tore my shoulder. What can I say…I never make it easy 🙂If you have nothing to do on Sun and is sitting in front of a computer.
Go on and track my progress. My race number is 280 and I will be doing Ironman USA (also known as Lake Placid). I am racing with We are a team that raise money for kids with cancer. It was great to give back considering that I had cancer when I was 11. I am proud to be wearing one of their jersey and making a change in a kid’s and his/her family lives. All in all..if u don’t hear from me next week and forever. I will be chilling with the allegrators by Lake Placid..Note: There are NO allegrators at Lake Placid :)…The movie definitely portray a different Lake Placid. Cliff Tam


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