Prepping for Alton Half

Darren sent out an email reminding people about Alton Half this Sat. He organized this event himself. We will swim in a pool for an hour. Headed over to his place and ride on the trainer for three. Then go out and do a run for two.

Most of the guys there probably finish it quicker. That’s what I plan to do.

I am feeling much better now. Thanks. Today I went to the pool and swim for 20 minutes. Shoulders are feeling alright. My swimming form is definitely off. As long as my arms are swinging, all is good.

Yesterday I was on my trainer for an hour and a half. Tomorrow going for an hour run.

All the training right now is in low HR (140-150s). This is great. Easy on the body and I am ready for more. I am getting use to riding in the tri position. I am able to read a book so that’s good.

I don’t think I am ready for the Alton Half. It doesn’t matter. There will be some good fun to train with others and of course, it is a triathlon. How can you say no to that :)…


By Cliff

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