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I wrote this email to a few brothers in Christ…

Through a number of discussions with other bro and sis, one common theme is that one’s spiritual life declines when God is not place in the center.

From an outward symptom, this is usually the lack fo devotion, reading the Bible, prayer, spending time w/God.

For me, the biggest challenge is to spend quiet time with God. it can be as simple as taking 5 min off my schedule and do nothing but focus on what God wants.

I just finish reading Deuteronomy. I dont’ know why people think Numbers is dry. I think Deuteronomy is much dri-er. What it is interesting is Mosses last speech before passing on the leadership to Joshua.

Mosses told the people that they will worship other idols and not listen to God. And some people (the Levites) already rebelling to God already. Over and over again is to follow God’s way if you want to live a prosperous life.

It was very black and white. And it is repetitive. I guess the reptitiveness is to highlight this ‘seemingly’ small but a crucial aspect in following God.

Yesterday, as I was preparing Sun Service. Get up, iron my clothes, pack my bag, get something to eat etc. I wonder which of these activities is helping me get closer to God. These tasks are necessary. But the need to spend quiet time with God for me is not only necessary but essential.

I was talking with a sister last night. She was mentioning how spiritual life is not well. First few questions…have you spend quiet time with God…pray? Bible Study? Fellowship? devo?

It is funny….if I get a cold, I will in sick..get a day off..see the doc and get antibiotics.

What about if i am sick spiritually…would i be willing to put aside my ______ (insert work, church work, training, family outing, social activities etc.) and spend time to seek God??

Going back to work now…hope you all have a blessful day.


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