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Yesterday I did the Toronto Waterfront Triathlon (750/30/7.5). I did this last year and thought how I could compare after a year. That was also my first tri. That’s how I got sucked into this tri craziness.

I thought my time (1:57) was much better but I only beat my previous time by SIX seconds (WOW in the most sarcastic way). My bike pace was faster (33 kph) . Run pace stays the same. I ran 4:33 min/km. I would take that. T1/T2 was faster (under 2 min instead of over 2 min).

My swim…. they clocked me swimming 2:53/100 m. 20 min for 750 m?!? If my speed was that slow, I might as well doggy paddle. I suspect they added my time wrong. Even my cousin guessed my time was 1:45-1:50.

The race this year is in Time Trial format. So no mass start. Everyone line up and jumps into the lake 10 second apart. Anyways..I don’t wanna go into a rant and time ain’t my focus for that race :).. a PR is a PR.

I did this race mainly b/c my cousin and my aunt came to watch me. We went for brunch buffet afterwards. It was great. I ate so much junk. Bacon, chocolate cake, bunch fo sweets stuff…oh too good.

I push 85-90% in that race. It was fun to go hard without worry about HRM or hydration. Will suggested next time I rack my bike in the Ladies 25-29 to get hook up. 🙂

Last week, I was very relax. Socialize a lot. Ate a lot of junk food. I swam a lot. This week I would spend more time at home taking care of some personal issues. I wanna get those out of the way once I get back into training. My next race is Sept 3rd (Half Ironman Ottawa).

For that race, my training schedule is as follows:

– Rest week (this week)
– Base week
– Build 1 week (Run focus)
– Build 2 week (Swim focus) [Note: I put the swim in the middle to give my legs some rest instead of stacking bike and run week side by side.]– Build 3 week (Bike focus)
– taper two weeks and RACE!!

This race, I am going to push a bit more than last race.

The season is almost over. So race and train while u can.

Lake Placid is coming up. So far, I only know Eric is doing it. Good luck to him. I can’t wait to do it next year.


By Cliff

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