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Not much going on. I went to the gym this morning. It was still a blur. I was struggling getting up or staying in bed. I am suppose to do weights on Thurs. I bail and put it on Fri. Today is also my run drills. I ain’t going to bail on that. I want to get a swim in as well. I haven’t swim in the middle of the week. The drills that my coach told me to do I haven’t done them at all.

I figure I will do the weight in the morning. Then do the run and swim at night. This way, my body has about 8 hrs to recover from weights before I do my run. The swim, I will cut it short and spend 15 min in the hot tub to stretch more. So by Sat rolls around, I am ready to do my long bike.

For the past two nights I didn’t got much sleep. I stayed in the office till 1:30 am on Wed to set up the network. Yesterday I didn’t do any exercise. Legs were still tired from Wed’s run. I did went to the hot tub to stretch for 15 min. Hot water and stretch is a perfect mix.

I told dad I would drop him off the station in the morning. Then I would drive to the gym. Do weights, go home and pick up mom and head to work.

I did that today. Legs was a bit stiff. My first exercise was the leg press. That was a tough set. I was pressing 230 lbs. That is not a lot. I am going to increase it to 280 lbs. I think I have done 300 lbs back in University.

On the job front…I just got the networking to work. One network can see the other network over the internet..woohoo…it feels great….feel like I just give birth :D….more like twins.

I am really looking foward to tomorrow. In the afternoon, I will finish setting up the network once and for all. My friend is part of the Toronto Mass Choir and they are performing tomorrow night. After that, I am going to bump into some old friends for beer and wings. YES that’s right. I am on a 95/5 diet. 95% of what I eat is diet and 5% I can eat anything I want. On a weekly basis, 5% amounts to about one meal. And I am saving this meal for tomorrow night. 😀

Enjoy the weekend….if u are training..push hard…if u are relaxing..rest easy. 🙂


  • I try to keep it 100% diet but I think I’m closer to your 95/5.

    As far as the job stuff goes I think we should take some time off and spend it just training 🙂 Maybe go to California or something. At least that’s been my plan for a while since I’ve been working too much overtime and having no time for anything else.

  • I hope you take some time to relax this weekend too.

    I usually only push 280 max because I don’t want to injure myself. The trick is engaging the quick muscle respone used during pedalling so I lift fast.

    Is this a date tonight?

  • How do you keep up w/all the blogs!

    Congrats on getting your network in order.

    Sounded like you had a great run (on your last post.) Have a great weekend.

  • Cliff,
    I run before I lift. I find that this allows me to get my run in before I trash my legs. I also think it is a nice way to warm up prior to lifting.

  • It sounds like training has been going excellent for you! And way to keep on it. Sometimes it seems staying motivated is the hardest part…Kind of how you had mentioned earlier the whole visualization of being a great athlete. I know you have what it takes to succeed! Keep it going!

  • Took your advice – took it easy today and slept in instead of going for run. Tomorrow I have a long run and I will do it! Hope you have a good weekend.

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