Ravi Zacharias’ 3-4-5 Grid


I am just jotting this down for references for the future.

A lot of times when I listened to Ravi Zacharias, he mentioned the way to evaluate a worldview or religion is to use what he called a 3-4-5 Grid.

Three tests

Answer questions to find coherent answers

  1. Logically consistency
  2. Empirically adequacy
  3. Experiential Relevance

Four Questions

  • Origin
  • meaning
  • morality
  • destiny

– answer on any worldviews/religions

Five Disciplines

  • God – theology
  • Metaphysics – meaning is not a scientific question
  • Knowledge – how do you know something is true
  • Ethics – morality
  • Humankind – what does it mean to be human

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