Religion causes wars


As a Christian, there were conversations in which I have to defend what I believe in. Often times, it is focus on attack on religion.

Perhaps this is the outset of living in a post modern world. Where people tend to suspect institutions and organizations of all sorts.

I remember a while back my friend, an atheist, challenged me making a statement that religion lead to many wars and senseless deaths.
In return, I asked what about the Nazi in World War Two or Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. These two cases were where a political group (non-religious) systematically wiped out a group of people based on their race, social, or religion-affiliation. Recently we can see the same artocities committed in Rwandan Genocide in 1994.
It is beyond sad. More of a knot in my stomach when I think about people chop up like animals. This seems just to show that human is the problem. Not religion.

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By Cliff

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