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Ellie’s comment on my previous post, The Cost of Being a Disciple:

Very thought-provoking. I’m having the temptation to “walk” at the moment… not give it my all, too strenuous, I don’t have the energy, it’s too hard, etc., etc. Thank you for putting it into words for me.

My response:

Hi Ellie,

Thanks for reading my blog. I just came back from Rhode Island last night. I was there for the weekend visiting my ex-pastor.

The drive was 12 hr and boy I was getting bored from driving at the end 🙂

I was thinking about walking from the post I wrote. Perhaps walking is not bad. I mean. At least it is a step forward. And sometimes, the trials I face, my spiritual journey grinds to staggering forward. One step at a time. Perhaps, it is the attitude to keep moving forward, finishing the race and not giving up.

I am reminded of a pro who raced in Haiwaii. He ended up walking most of the marathon. Clearly, he was out of contention to win. When asked why he walked the rest of the way, he answered that not many people is given a chance for this race. If he just quits, it wouldn’t do justice for the race and to the people who want to race and cannot.

In my own spiritual walk, I ain’t gunning for running fast. My goal is to get to the finish line without quitting. If I can do that for Christ, then I consider myself I won already.

Small steps small steps.

I hope you have a great and blessful day!!


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