Rest week is over…starting the aerobic engine

Finally. That’s all I have to say. Going out and Church stuff have occupy me in the past two weeks. So there was very little time to train. With decrease in training, diet wet out the door. It ain’t bad. I was living like a normal person.

However, I have been feeling more cranky than ever. Maybe this is my time of the month.

I had it. Tonight, I am going to swim 2 – 2.5 km. It’s about time. Going slowly back into my diet. Yams, I miss you.

Tomorrow, I am going for a 3-4 hr bike ride with Will. We are going to climb a few hills. The pace is relax. Just slowly easing myself back into training. In the afternoon, friend is having a bbq. Sun, early ride before Church. Then in the afternoon probably run or swim.

I ask the boss to take Wednesdays off in August. This is the time I am into my build period. Actually it ain’t a build b/c I ain’t pushing my intensity. It is more like a Base.

Signing up for Ironman USA on Monday. :O….nothing else to say…I need a good occupation name…perhaps Spandex Wearer:D

Have a great weekend, everyone…weather up here is looking great. With TdF ending, I don’t have a reason to staying up late.


By Cliff

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