A run.

On Wed night, I went out for a run. It was snowing.

After crossing the road and almost hit by a car, I twisted my left ankle. I stopped. Rotate my ankle. Ok it doesn’t hurt when I run. I keep going.

I run down a trail and along a river which I had run along for many years.

It was snowing. Light snow. It covered the ground. I was on the trail and before I knew it I slipped and fell. I landed on my left hip and my left elbow.

I got up. Still ok. Keep running.

A few km down the trail, it no longer became a trail. The river washed up huge chunk of ice along the trail. The whole path was covered with them. It came to the point where I had to start climbing on them and jump from one to another. I slipped and landed in a hole and scrapped my left chin.

It was getting dark and I decided to back track my way back.

On the way back home, I slipped and twisted (minor twist) my right ankle.

I am not sure if this is clumsy or bad luck. Though the run was one of the best run I had.

It feels to good to be on the road. Just have to be more careful in the winter time.


By Cliff

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