Running at 10:17 min/mile!

Woohoo…last night I had one of the best runs ever. Instead of running with a HR of 140, I run with 150. Oh it feels much better. Along the whole run, I could feel I am moving faster. I always run the same route. Places where I normally take an hour to get to, it took me 50 min. In fact, I had to increase the route by cirling around the block b/c I am running faster than normal.

My mp3 player died half way. My gel once again got stuck in the flask. My left ankle was hurting. It doesn’t matter. I was flying along. My plan was to run to 2 hr 10 min. I stopped at 2 hr 8 min. My left ankle was hurting too much. Gotta make sure I had good form when I am tired.

The night was amazing. I would look up from time to time and felt the vastness. The feeling is incredible. It is like I am in my own world.

Now for the exciting part…number crunching 🙂

Looking back at my 10 k race last Nov. I did 10 km in 50 min. That’s translate to 8:02 min/mile. My HR was averging about 180. My LT is around 175. So I am in anaerobic mode.

For the past 3-4 weeks, my long runs were 12 min/mile. My HR was 140. I am in Zone 1.
Last night, I ran a 10:17 min/mile with a HR of 150. I should be in Zone 2.

So what does all this mean? Well, first I am using this as a baseline for my future long runs. The data I collected last year is not very accurate as I did not stop the HRM when I hit red lights. This time around I am trying to be as accurate as possible.

If I can run 12 min/mile with 140 and 10 min/mile with 150, how fast can I run with a HR of 160? 170? 175 (my LT)?

I have before ran a much faster pace than 10 min/mile. I am happy b/c I have ran this with a much lower HR. Preceived effort is about a 6. With no data to back up, I still feel my economy has been increasing :).

Well that’s that. Going to do some hill training this Friday. My left knee experienced some sharp pain. I don’t know when or where but at times there is a sharp pain below the knee cap. It happened three times last night out of the blue. I figure this is due to:

– bad form at the end of my run (I was focusing on my cadence and must have drop my form [dragging my feet])
– worn shoes

I don’t think it is a big problem. Probably by tomorrow or Sat it will get well.


By Cliff

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