Seeing God’s faithfulness….


I was at Irvine, California over the weekend for a business trip. On Fri, I drove along the coast. It was nice to be at the beach.

There were a few sandpipers along the water. Every time a wave retreated, the sandpipers would rush down and dug their beaks into the sand.

The sandpipers would retreat before the next wave. Sometimes there were small waves which the sandpipers would avoid at ease. Every once in a while, there would be one big roller and they had to scramble as fast as they could on their skinny legs.

The sandpipers would want to be as close to the water as possible. I guessed there must be more food there. I did not know what they were after. Whatever it was, they had to risk getting wet to get it.

This cat and mouse game would go on as I walked on. None of the sandpipers I observed would get wash up. It was almost instinctive as if they knew how strong or weak each wave was and adjust accordingly.


I often wonder how much God can provide and how abundance is His Grace. Granted, we all know God provide us richly as Jesus mentioned in Matthew 6. But really, when it comes to my life, do I believe that? Do I live according to God’s providence? Or do I hoard in thinking that what I hoard will keep me alive??

So I decided a while back to have a cat and mouse game with God. Let’s try to live a life with a full realization that God will and can provide. Let’s give generously. Not just generously but ridiculously generous. Especially in the time of dire. In the face of drought.

And this is a cat and mouse game I intend to keep playing. To take that risk of faith and see where God provides. And with each step forward. There is a huge desire to take a few steps back…hmm this is where the rubber meets the road. This is scary. This is fun. This is exciting. And it is hard on the nerves. Though, I never feel more alive than before.

I never doubt God’s faithfulness. Rather it is my lack of faith that hindered me.

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By Cliff

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