Send Off


From a friend…

Cliff, you’re very welcome for the group send-off dinner and the flowers 😉 

Y’know, I really did have a toast in mind but we were too spread out and the restaurant too loud 🙂 

I was going to tease you a bit, but I was also going to say the following: 

“In all the 12 years I’ve known Cliff, I have admired him. 

I admire the passion that he puts into everything that he does. I admire the dedication he has to what he believes is right and what must be done. I admire his devotion to the people and causes close to his heart. 

With his work abroad in Singapore, Cliff shows us again his passion, dedication and devotion.”
I truly am proud to consider you my friend 🙂 

Thank goodness for modern communication technology for keeping in touch the next 2 years 🙂

Spend today cleaning up my room and throwing and giving away a lot of things. Next step, pack my stuff and I will be going to Singapore on Fri morning!

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