A short get away


The past weekend I flew and visited my previous English Pastor, Nelson.

He and I both started going to MCAC (Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church) together back in 2004.

At the time, the church was launching a program on studying Purpose Driven Life.  My friend invited me to a fellowship.  I wasn’t a Christian then.

My Pastor just started to pastor the English Congregation of the church.

I still remember the first time I met him.  It was also the first time I joined the Young Career fellowship, Emmanuel.  He was visiting the fellowship and my friend bought me there.  Funny thing was that my friend didn’t even went to Emmanuel.  She just took me and dropped me off.  I stayed there since.

Looking back, I learnt a lot from Pastor Nelson.  He taught us how to read the Bible and interpret within the context.  I still remember when he told us his desire was for us to love reading the Bible.  I could attribute much to my growth in Christ, in reading and interpreting the Bible from him.

He was there when I was leading and my fellowship was falling apart.

There was one weekend where my congregation was doing a Christmas presentation and I, the leader of Emmanuel, bailed on my fellowship and went on a snowboarding trip.  He was disappointed in my actions yet quickly forgave me.  He also advised the EMC (English Ministry Committee) to invite me as a deacon and oversea the affairs of English Congregation (to this day I still serve in this position).

I still don’t think I was ready for such a role.  Quite a new Christian.  Yet despite all that, God continued to grow and groom me to His likeness.

Over the past few years, the biggest role model I learn from him was his action. He was always cheerful and positive.  Even when things ain’t working or ministry were not going anywhere, he was never negative or discouraged.

I can learn a lot from reading books of great Christian leaders or hear a sermon or go on classes, but there is nothing more precious than learning from someone who walk his talk.  I can say Pastor Nelson is one of those who I learn not just on his sermons but also the way he live his life.

The weekend was a great time to relax.  I didn’t do much.  Nelson, as always, so generous, lend his car. I didn’t went anywhere.  Just sit at the park, read a book and sleep.  Boston was only 40 min drive away.  I didn’t feel like travelling too much.

Probably b/c of old age (haha..j/k.I am only 30).  I just want to rest.  🙂  So it was a great time to visit an ‘old’ friend.

Pastor Nelson gave me a lot of support and wisdom on where I should go in my life.  Though I didn’t go anywhere or visit much, it was still a good short get away.

((Note: Pastor Nelson, if you are reading this….this is not a suck up post :)))


  • God tells us to rest… good job.

    I wouldn't of guessed you've only been a christian a short time. Wow, you seem to have the saul/paul conversion story, Where God is really using you and placing you in situations for His glory. So cool and encouraging. HOpe you had fun in the U.S.A.!!


  • It's good to have good spiritual mentor like Pastor Nelson to help guide you into spiritual maturity. Keep on blogging your thoughts on the Christian walk!
    Best wishes!

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