Sick in the stomach.

This is how I have been feeling the whole day. Sick in the stomach. It has nothing to do with what I ate. My Dad told me on Sat my Grandma is in the hospital and the doc is not expecting her to make it.

I was talking to my cousin last night and he was telling me Grandma has been in and out of the hospital for the past year or so. And ever since then, things deterioriated.

My Grandma lived in Hong Kong and the last time I spoke or seen her was a long time ago (5-6 years).

On Sun night, I prayed with my Dad. I said a few words and things got quite emotional.

Looking back and reflecting the time I spent with her. Well, the lack of time was more like it. We weren’t that close. When I was in highschool, she stayed in our home for a few months. I remembered I gave up my room and slept in the basement (not that I mind that). She would spend hours watching TV.

I also reflect on my Grandpa. He passed away when I was a baby. So I don’t have a fond memory of him either.

…there isn’t much to say. I know it is hard on my Dad and my Uncle b/c they were so close to her.


By Cliff

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